Patrick Mahomes says hard hit in preseason opener is good preparation for regular season

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes said before the preseason opener against the Bears that he likes to take a hit in the preseason to help get ready for the regular season. Mission accomplished.

Bears defensive lineman Trevis Gipson drilled Mahomes as he was passing during the game, and Mahomes said that was what he wanted.

“I got hit pretty hard,” Mahomes said, via the Kansas City Star. “I wanted that first hit and I got hit hard. He caught me right in the stomach, right between the rib pads, so it was a nice first one to take and it’ll make me better for sure.”

Mahomes said he might have preferred not to get hit that hard.

“I was hoping I was gonna kind of get hit and just fell, just off to the side. Not the direct helmet to the stomach and then him land on me,” Mahomes said. “No, it was a good drive and I’m glad that we got it out of the way and got that touchdown.”

The Chiefs will now hope Mahomes doesn’t take another hit until the games count for real.